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This documentary film has a sound scottish base , with collaboration and funding from the Scottish Documentary Institute and Napier University.The story is told by Spanish filmmakers and technical team telling the story from the best source , the People on the ground itself.They tell their tale in their language , their perspective and in their own time.

The film is made on the border of La Mancha and Andalucia in the ancient mercury mining centre of Almaden , a place that has been operating since the time of Christ , until it closed in the opening of this century due to the collapse in the price of the raw material.
"Pablo represents the last generation of Almadén mercury miners, an age old profession with over 2000 years of history. Through a straightforward depiction of life’s everyday moments, Pablo’s Winter explores the decay of the local mining culture, but above all, pays homage to its real protagonists: the miners and their families."
This dedicated website for the film tells the inside story of Pablo and his generation , largely neglected in Spain of today in terms of appreciation and welfare.

"Pablo's Winter is the story of a retired mercury miner trying to stop smoking, with the end of the mining culture as an important backdrop. These miners and their families have been widely underrepresented. Therefore, with this film we aim to make justice to the essential role that the mercury miners have had in the history of this town.
Pablo, a chain smoker retired miner is always sitting down at his living room table. When Pablo visits the doctor, we find out that he has suffered five heart attacks. The doctor urges the miner to stop smoking. Pablo shrugs and buys 40 packets of fags in his way home..."
A touchingly revealing scene in the film is one of the few times we find Pablo animated with the passion and vigour of youth as he looks back on a newspaper scrapbook of a 11 day and night occupation of the mine he and his colleagues engaged in at the same time as the UK Miners strike as market forces in the world order of the day.Alas , the mine was saved but not for long , ending a 2000 year history from the times of the Romans , Islamic Spain , German Occupation , Franco and then its demise under Aznars watch.

Below is a trailer for the film.

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