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Christopher Marlowes classic play was part of an acclaimed new adaptation which features three of  Marlowes original acts, intertwined with two completely brand new acts by writer Colin Teevan.

What is apparent is when Faustus makes a pact with the devil , the whole arrangement is a disaster , and perceived to be a disaster by the main character himself , from the very moment the pact is made.Sure there are distractions like the empty vacuous superficial rock star lifestyle  , but the mood is always sombre , disappointing and laced with foreboding doom about the trifling price the soul of Humanity is sold for superficial material , ephemeral , fleeting gains.

The vice of Faustus in this production is pride , conceit and arrogance of a scholar who thinks he has nothing to learn from lesser sciences , but is now able to depose the Divine from his high and mighty plain of existence.

This review from The Herald captures the feel of the play.

" a deluded Faustus (Kevin Trainor) starts to flail about like a greedy child in a sweet-shop of forbidden pleasures, it's Redmond's Mephistopheles that voices, with poignant dignity, just what it is that Faustus craved and destroyed: true love on earth and bliss in Paradise"
In the video below the Director discusses the themes and challenges of the production and its accessibility to todays audience.

The play also has a lot to say on the matter of a debate that was very central during the time of Marlowe about pre-destination and the concept of "The Elect" the topic is touched upon in this link.

More themes of a philosophical nature are explored in the notes in this link.

A special mention is required for the superbly played role of Mephistophilis played by Siobhan Redmond , a performance that suggests the utter folly of the choices and actions of the conceited and arrogant when they think they have outgrown the confines of the universal values and morals of the wise.

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