Friday, June 14, 2013


Absolutely, no fading away or burning out for the Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse dont just jam , they go into a communion and the audience are invited into their sacred conclave , hence why we hear Neils crazy horse persona saying "welcome home" to the audience.Often the immersion in the music is mistaken for indulgence , but they get deep into the music and the audience needs to join them.

Neil Youngs voice was the most melodic of all the times ive seen him.

The best description ive heard of them is "noisey bastards!!!" , if they dont come round again thats how one would want to remember them.

This Guardian review sums things up nicely ,

"Few other performers can summon Young's venom. At times, he seems to be playing into his own personal prevailing wind as he lashes out guitar solos that are almost dreamlike. "Sing like you mean it?" he rounds on a heckler. "What the fuck would you sing for if you don't mean it?""

Highlights included Ramada Inn,Powderfinger,Walk Like a Giant and of course.....Fuckin' Up!!!

He could do a whole concert sitting with an acoustic on a barstool and still fill out 2 hours easy , or he could sit at the piano and do a whole concert of quality songs , or he could use his harmonica for the whole evening.

When With crazy horse he goes to town on screeching guitar and feedback and im more than happy with that.

Below is an outstanding version of Ramada Inn with full spectrum guitars.

This song has also been done in an acoustic version , and a very deep touching one at that, as could any song in the set.

You can see 8 very good quality songs from the Glasgow concert from this link from the Colin MacDonald Youtube Channel.

And below is "Walk Like a Giant"  , a big favourite with the crowd.

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