Wednesday, December 18, 2013


This was the first time ive seen Sabbath , almost saw them twice before, first time was cancelled hours before the start due to ice when Glasgows best medium size venue was Ingliston and second time the barrowlands in 1990 when the vocalist developed laryngitis two days before the gig.

Ive always been a Tony Iommi fan first and foremost , really liked the post-Ozzy Albums featuring Ronnie James Dio , Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules.

Was really surprised and impressed by how lucid,sharp and professional Ozzy Osbourne was , so unlike his fuddy-duddy persona on TV fluff.

My favourite song performed this night was "Snowblind"

The show shifted gear seamlessly from songs written nearly 45 years ago to ones penned only this year , a classic from the old days was "Black Sabbath"

A big rabble-rouser among back to back rock anthems was "Children Of The Grave"

Things finished with the style expected by the Kings of Rock and original Heavy Metal with "Paranoid" ( give it 60secs to get started).

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