Friday, January 31, 2014


Based very loosely on a true story , this film is a more mature version of Usual Suspects with subtle though more lasting tones.The theme is how characters are born or find themselves through no real fault of their own in impossible situations morph and survive , sometimes becoming more real to their true natures or bending completely out of shape into monsters.

This review from The Guardian gives a good synopsis of the superficial aspects of the plot.

This more sophisticated review from The Vulture looks into some of the philosophical themes brought out from the film.
"A title at the start of American Hustle claims that some of it “is actually true,” though a glance at the record shows not much. Irving is based on Melvin Weinberg, who bought his freedom from prison by setting up fellow crooks — and led the FBI by happy accident to the mayor of Camden, assorted congressmen, one U.S. senator, and mobsters eager to raise capital for Atlantic City casinos. The sting was indeed built around a bogus sheik. But Russell turns Abscam into a sardonic morality play with victims that include the urban poor."
The video below has the unique insights of the director and cast discussing the characters and subject matter of the film and how they inter-related.

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