Thursday, April 3, 2014


When i saw him a few years back Miles Jupp was starting out , carving a name for himself as a caricature of a snob mocking the antics and lifestyles of the poor , the irony being he was actually mocking the outlook of the snobs.

Many years later he has fully developed and honed his talents , the act becoming more powerful as it gets subtler.

The review perfectly captures the act he performed at the citizens.

"From his plummy accent and hapless self-deprecation to his total ignorance of modern youth culture, there has always been an element of Bertie Wooster about Miles Jupp’s stand-up. He tends to give the impression he’d be more at home in P.G. Wodehouse’s world of cosseted young bachelors than among the more humdrum realities of 21st-century life."

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