Thursday, August 13, 2015


You would think all thespians would welcome and relish the prospect of oppressed victims getting the chance to tell their own story in their own words, but apparently not the vile , sectarian , contemptible charlatan Maureen Lipman.But , as Al-Raee says in this article  
says  "The most sad thing about the people who are saying that the play is advocating for terrorism is that none of them came and saw the play," says Al-Raee. "They don't actually understand what they are talking about.".

 From the website of The Freedom Theatre established by a combination of Jewish and Palestinian
 Artists the mission of this admirable social civilian project is "The Freedom Theatre is developing a vibrant and creative artistic community in the northern part of the West Bank. While emphasizing professionalism and innovation, the aim of the theatre is also to empower youth and women in the community and to explore the potential of arts as an important catalyst for social change."
 The Board of The Freedom Theatre contains , according to clowns like Lipman , such terrorist advocates as Noam Chomsky and Judith Butler.

You can see the trailer for this highly passionate and humane play in this video

This review from The Herald newspaper gives a sense of the profound impression the play makes on a fair audience

"As performed by an all male cast of six, there is an impassioned partisan rawness to what follows, as we flit between the siege itself and the men's lives afterwards far from their homeland. The latter is told simply and directly without contrition, and when the tour guide takes a selfie with the audience, it's as if the entire world is captured in its light"

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