Saturday, June 11, 2016


If you like guitars then you were not short-changed.

This review from The Herald captures the mood well , with fans in the comments section saying this was Neil Young at his very best.

The Guardian was full of high praise
"Enjoyment of the show’s final act is substantially contingent on an appreciation of protracted instrumentals, but whether you’re a fan of long-form cosmic gnarl or not, you’ve got to agree that nobody does it quite like Young. Come a 15-minute Love and Only Love he’s lost in his own fretboard in front of 13,000 people, deafeningly coaxing out the final chord longer than entire songs had lasted in the show’s opening phase. After that it’s approving dad hugs all round for the band, and a short time later, a curfew-busting encore of Fuckin’ Up – a tractor-strength reminder why every generation that values howling riffs and angry dissent will find inspiration in Young’s evergreen natural anthems."
The songs ive picked are because the recordings were taken from very near where i was.
After The Garden:

Fuckin Up:

Down By The River:

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