Sunday, November 20, 2016


I was very intrigued how this seemingly unstageable production could possibly be put on.The Wilderness Of Tigers team put on a rehearsed reading for members of the public.
They treat the story as an intimate Family Drama , leaving off the grand themes , philosophical debates and analysis of the Slav spiritual celestial identity vis-a-vis the material imperial world.So we do not see The Grand Inquisitor , The high debates of the High Priesthood or The Parable of the Onion , which is a wise choice as far as a continuous stageable coherent flow for the audience is concerned.

 The whole production was like a mixture of Frasier , Taggart and Still Game all rolled into one , this may seem an insult for a production based on a Dostoyevsky classic but is really a compliment in how they bring the stripped-bare Karamazov Family Drama to life in an engaging way for a local audience.

This so-called rehearsed reading contained a bristling passion from the cast you would only expect to witness in the most gripping setting of the opening night of a polished full production.The cast seem to really believe in the work and it shows in the gripping way they hold the rapt attention of the audience.

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