Saturday, May 30, 2009


Global warming has been treating Glasgow kind.

Visitors have been going outside for all day trips , confidently stating they will not take an overcoat , there was a time not long ago when such a statement was like Scotts companion saying " i maybe gone some time" , it would have been an incredulous utterance of someone who had lost the will to carry on and fatally exposed oneself to a slow lingering end.

Some Glaswegians have also made seemingly reckless decisions to take a Book with them to the local park without bothering to have a carrier bag in case it gets wet in a spontaneous downpour.And yet , no ones laughs in their face , such laissez faire abandon is seen as entirely normal behaviour , it is now taken completely for granted that the sun will shine on for hour after hour;afternoon into evening ; day after day.

Alas Glasgows paradise is Hell for the Tropical zones.The temperatures have gone from hot to unbearable to positively a danger to health and well being.It is barely out of May yet Pakistan is suffering record levels of rising mercury , with the promise of worse to come when the scorching heat really kicks in.

Earlier today i voted in the European Parliamentary elections , i cast my ballot for the SNP which is the local nationalist left of centre party.It is always a bad sign when voting national socialist is seen as the moderate civil libertarian way to go.But these are strange days for democracy indeed.

The SNP have got a good track record of not supporting various ill advised imperialist adventures and have also given my Good Friend Osama Saeed the ticket to run as an MP candidate for the Glasgow Central constituency in the Westminster Parliamentary elections.Though most importantly they have allowed quality People like Osama to inculcate a major input on SNP policy as well advisory platforms and forums.This has led to the SNP having an enlightened partnership and solid mutual discourse with the Muslim Community which has served all parties with great benefit.

Win ; lose or Draw Osama is well poised to have a great contribution to a Strong Scotland in with the Muslims play a full and active part.With Osamas domestic contributions and the US Climate policy Scotland could become , well Scotland (under the Sun).

But we are also tasting the backlash of the sunny weather , the Theatre was very hot and stuffy.You know things have really changed when lack of air-conditioning is the main complaint of the evening.The cast deserve a special mention for delivering a fine performances all round.

The Play itself has many themes , family;social;class;loyalty , but the most important one is that one should not miss an opportunity to apologise when a chance is presented.If you do that most things can be rectified.

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