Sunday, March 18, 2012


You could be forgiven for thinking Sting is a prat , i did.

The reason for this , in my case at any rate is got to be do with Bono , he can make even his illustrious band-members in U2 seem to be prats.Bono is famous for hugging Putin, having chuckles with Berlusconi and being the biggest slanderer of John Lennon when he addressed Tony Blair and Gordon Brown as the Lennon and McCartney of Politics in a speech at a Labour Party Conference when the diabolical Iraq war was in chaotic meltdown.Lennon put his livelihood on the line to stop wars , Blair put his on the line to start an endless one.

The reason i was attracted to the concert is the US leg of this "Back to Bass" tour was a critical smash hit , with classic Police songs stripped down to there bones , hence giving them more meaning and depth.

Even though i purchased tickets within half an hour of them going on sale i got the very last 2 in Row Z.

Im glad i went as Sting is a very talented individual and very under-appreciated songwriter.

Here is my favourite song from the concert:

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