Monday, April 2, 2012


When The Waterboys are in town a very near spiritual Special Evening is always guaranteed.

The whole format was spot on, a first set of old classics stuff ( there was never any chance my by far the most favourite song , Red Army Blues was ever going to be played, followed by second set of the new WB Yeats album , a unique and brilliantly executed tremendous project, then more old stuff for the encores.

In the first set the major back to back highlights included As Mad As The Mist And Snow , a fitting Celtic title that makes one have the consolation of our inconsistent weather being a valuable breath of fresh air that is a spirited tonic for the creative and philosophical juices:

The second was a genuine love song , in that it bemoans the physical stuff that dissipated all too soon but elevated the spiritual soulful bonds that transcend all of that and last forever in profound long term friendship.This is done by adding Van Morrisons And The Healing Has Begun as a spring regenerating twist , a true ode to love , not a despair to elevated derivatives of lust.

Last and certainly not least is How Long Will I Love You , another ode to remind us love is a special thing , not a consummer item to be taken from a shelf a temporarily fill a void moment>

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