Sunday, May 20, 2012


Im glad i choose to go to Jimmy Cliff rather than stay in to watch the Champions League Final.

There is no doubt when he comes out on stage you are in the presence of a legend.

He seems to get younger every time i see him , hard to believe he is in his mid-sixties.

The voice is incredible , the moves are incredulous.

A major highlight was his version of one of the greatest anti-war songs , Vietnam being performed with Afghanistan instead of the original title.It is amazing a song written about the loss of innocents in the futility of politically motivated Wars 40 years ago still having relevance in todays outlandish ill advised imperial adventures:

Cliff is an ultimate showman as you can see from the song King of Kings:

A favourite anthem  for those that struggle against injustice and oppression is the song The Harder They Come , here is a version performed by big Jimmy Cliff fan Bruce Springsteen whose version of Trapped is one of the best out there.

Last , and not least is the full version (44 minutes) of the set performed at Glastonbury:

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