Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Typecast to death , some would say , by the overtly histrionic performances on 80s TV and Pop chart shows the avant garde founder of the Alternative Comedy scene has come back to roadtest new material after a 16 year break from live stand-up comedy.

I first realised there is much more to Alexei Sayle than cringeworthy pop jingles when i heard a radio programme he made about the history of the UK communist party , especially the pro-Stalinist bitter-enders.He had excellent unimpeachable primary sources for his research as his parents were very much staunch members all through his childhood and well into his post-graduate years.

Alexei was not sitting in the meantime on his laurels , he has spent a most productive energetic seam in the world of literature with such titles as " How Stalin tole My Childhood".A Book that aroused great passionate denunciations from old style Communists , no less his Mum as this Guardian review tells. 

Another admirable quality was Alexei being a signatory of the Jews For Justice For Palestinians group along with Stephen Fry.Alexei is a patron of Medical Aid for Palestinians  as well as The Palestine Solidarity Campaign and one of the motivations to get back and doing political comedy live has been some recent appearances for those generous social justice supporters

Alexei explains more in this in-depth interview for the local Skinny Magazine..

This review of a gig he did in Birmingham captures his current routine. though it has to be said it was the understated elements of his act that had the deeper, longer-lasting penetration giving his set an accomplished sharp , refreshing edge.

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