Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Andy Zaltzman latest round is called the "Armchair Revolutionary Tour"

Nothing was left out in the marathon 2 set performance by Andy zaltzman  tonight , even the kitchen sink was thrown it for good measure.The show had brilliant moments , profoundly funny moments , supreme satire moments , baffling moments and , more than occasionally , cringeworthy embarrassing  moments.But they were always topical and current.

If the material could be cut-down and honed into a 45 minute set then we could have a taut , very funny and superb memorable satire showcase masterclass on our hands.

The video below gives a good synopsis of same of the material in todays show:

Andy Zaltzman has a show called the Bugle The  latest satarical series of shows can be found in this podcast link.

And here is an Andy Zaltzman article for Huffington Post  , featuring a audio link of his Jubilee Special Show.

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