Friday, December 21, 2012


After reading the Book i wasnt confident it could cross over to the screen , a few years back i recall reading the film rights were brought by a company with a connection to Brad Pitt.I didnt think much would come of it , forgetting all about it.

So it was a pleasant surprise to see a film was being made with a solid budget and big name director.

Before you come to reviewing the film you have to admire the courage and conviction of Ang Lee in an attempt to transfer a philosophical morality tale based on the readers vivid senses being awakened by Animals behaving as Human Characters allied with a Childs wondrous lively imagination into a cinematic setting.

The video below interviews not only the director , but also the author Yann Martel about getting this film from page to screen.

All things considered the film has a large aftertaste of underwhelming feelings both intellectually and metaphorically.  

It is always a bad sign when the quality of Computer Generated Graphics take precedent over the plot and substance of the story.Therefore this Guardian review is about accurate even though the critic had not read the Book previously. .Though it is worth noting , as one of the comments points out , The Guardian voted Pussy Riot the Band of the Year.

Strangely , The Daily Mail gives it a 5-Star rating , but even that is in praise of  the CGI , whilst being a lot less impressed with the telling of the fable.

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