Saturday, December 8, 2012


I always enjoyed watching them on the Telly , Gaelic fuckers singing rock songs and loud whining guitars to boot.I never got round to seeing them in those early days , hearing they are performing at the Barrowlands i wasnt going to miss a glorious chance to see a band comfortable in large stadiums playing in a compact indoor rock club setting.

The band , post Donnie Munro , have a very professional rockband with a lot of valuable things to say feel about them , any fears they are a version of shortbread tartan or riverdance armless dancing prancers are quickly , effectively dispelled.

They quickly get cracking with a magisterial intro and straight into business.

There loyal dedicated fans , of all ages , seem to know every lyric and nuances of even the newest previously never performed material.These are interspersed with anthemnic classics like this.

This review captures sentiments exactly of any new and old comers experience of a Runrig Concert.

 Runrig set a storming pace and are clearly a band at ease with themselves and enjoying playing live. This comes across in the music and with a fanbase as passionate as theirs it’s not difficult to see why they find playing live such good fun.

A brilliant evening was rounded of in a perfect and fitting way.

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